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Cultivating The Fig Fruit

Cultivating The Fig Fruit

In previous articles we have discussed about figs, but if you are riding in part nobody wants to cultivation of the fig???? If your answer is yes, then continue to refer to this article, I will discuss about the cultivation of figs.

Cultivating The Fig Fruit

Who is not familiar with the fig, the fruit is known as the fruit of paradise. Fig fruit is rich in content that is beneficial to the body, one of the ingredient is omega 3.

In Indonesia itself has much to cultivate this fruit, you should know that these plants originally came from Arabic and then spread all over the world except the polar regions. Because the fruit is derived from the Arabic then automatically this fruit requires solar hot air or more in order to thrive and grow well.

Here is a fig fruit cultivation techniques:

1. Planting Seeds of Fig Fruit
The first way you can do in figs plant is to plant the seeds of the fig. If you choose this method, then you need a long time to wait until the fruit is grow.

2. Grafting figs
The second way in cultivating fig fruit by way of grafting figs, 
fig fruit grafting method:
  1. The first is to choose the fig stems and young stems are green because it contains more perkaran.
  2. Prepare transparent or translucent plastic and cocopeat.
  3.  Embraces tin trunk with cocopeta already wrapped in transparent plastic.
  4. Length 10-15 cm area grafts enough alone, then fastening parts grafts on tip and base regions.
  5. Flush slips through the cracks every day that you have created earlier.
  6. When grafts 30-40 days old then slips are ready to be moved to the normal area.

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