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Longan Fruit as A Natural Tranquilizer

Longan Fruit as A Natural Tranquilizer

Longan fruit. Is it true that litchi fruit can be used as a natural sedative? You certainly familiar with the name of longan fruit or longan. This fruit is one of the exclusive seasonal fruit and much-loved favorite, especially for treats for official guests during a visit to an area. Thick flesh and a sweet taste makes the fruit is very good as an energy source for the body. Moreover avail litchi fruit is also very much. 

Longan Fruit as A Natural Tranquilizer

To satisfy and meet the high demand for this fruit, litchi or longan are also often constrained in the form of canned food or make syrup. Litchi plants that can grow well only in the high plains and somewhat cold is also known a lot of usefulness, both from roots, wood, until the leaves. Popular with the Chinese population have been using herbal healing litchi plants as medicine. 

The Contents of Longan 

Longan fruit rich in nutrient content is very good for health. Its primary energy nutrient content, especially that derived from sucrose and glucose which makes the sweet longan fruit. Longan fruit also contains many other nutrients, including protein, fat, vitamins A and B, as well as a variety of other compounds. 

With the nutritional content, avail litchi fruit is to increase appetite, increase stamina and endurance, improve digestion, handle and resolve worming, treating hernia, vaginal discharge, strengthen spleen, add and launch red blood cells. The fruit is also very good for protecting eye health, gut health and aid absorption of nutrients by the body. 

Not only the fruit, the other side of the longan tree can also be used as a drug. The leaves are useful for treating inflammation and treat a high fever, but the root of longan trees beneficial to blood flow as well as a laxative urine. 

While the longan seed in the form of black round the world are also useful in the treatment and is often used to stop bleeding and pain buster. The content of saponin in the seeds of this litchi fruit in fact also benefit the world of industry, mainly for the manufacture of shampoo. 

The content of minerals and phytochemicals in fruit longan are also useful as a sedative and to protect heart health. Some Chinese physicians usually wear longan fruit while helping manage patients who experience nervous tension, palpitations, or cardiac abnormalities. 

In many studies also found avail longan fruit while helping to handle and overcome anxiety, difficulty sleeping, impaired concentration problems, and to relax the nerves. With so many benefits of litchi fruit, the fruit is very well taken by the women's career, executive, or a hard worker who often experience stress and tension. 

Well, if you are middle stress, anxiety, or experiencing a mental fatigue due to work piling up and chased the target, why not eat litchi? The fruit is very tasty sweet snack made ​​as a fresh juice or contrived. Sweet, fresh, and can calm the mind without fear of side effects, but of course without the need to consume to excess.

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