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Easy Ways to Grow Grapes

Easy Ways to Grow Grapes

Who does not know wine? The fruits of this creeping shrubs reportedly came from Armenia. However, the cultivation of grapes has penetrated even other regions in the Middle East since 4000 BC. The grape processing technology into a beverage originated in Egypt since 2500 BC. It then spread to other regions around the world such as Greece, the Black Sea, Germany, Spain, Austria, Germany and other regions. In line with the expansion Columbus, grapes began menyenbrangi bbelahan another world. Starting from Mexico, South America to Asia. Also including parts of Indonesia. Many think hard to cultivate fruit hanging on this one. In reality, how to grow grapes was quite easy for us to understand the requirements to grow and engineering maintenance. 

Easy Ways to Grow Grapes

Terms Growing 

How to grow good wine starts from eligibility growth. What is it? 

  • Shrubs which one is ideally planted in low-lying areas, especially near the coast. 
  • This area should also have the long dry 4 to 7 months. 
  • Avoid areas with high wind intensity because it gives a bad influence for the vines. 
  • Ideally rainfall range in the 800 mm per year. If excessive rain it will damage the plants will flower from grapes. 
  • The scorching sun and the air tends to dry very favored vines. 
  • The ideal temperature range in figure 31 degrees Celsius. The good humidity between 78% to 80%. 

Growing Media 
Soil is ideal for vine plant that contains a lot of sand, lembung, loose and fertile course. Just like other plants, he also likes humus-containing nutrients are also abundant. 
While the ideal soil pH is 7, or neutral. 
The vines were planted in fairly ideal height of 5 to 1000 meters above sea level. This will affect the full height of the growth and development of plants. 

  • Generally, grape seed menggunanakn planted with cuttings. The condition is good for seedlings cuttings are: 
  • Approximately 25 cm in length and consists of 2 to 3 sections. 
  • Taken from trees that are older than 1 year. 
  • Buds look healthy with large size and dense. 
  • Seedling cuttings should be planted this first before planting. Penyemaiannya technique is divided into two namely vegetative and generative. 

Wine Investment Process 
After all requirements are met, then we start planting seeds vine cuttings that have been planted beforehand. As for how to grow grapes as follows: 

Medium Processing Plant 
  1. Before planting, the soil should be prepared ahead of time by means of: 
  2. Finding a good planting location. 
  3. Determining the planting area. 
  4. Adjusting spacing. 
  5. Make a hole where bibbit plant cuttings. 
  6. Measuring the dose of fertilizer used. 
  7. After the above steps are finished, start by opening the planting area. 
  8. Desired place should be cleared of weeds and other plants so the sun hits the vines can freely later. 
  9. Hoe also enter the soil so that oxygen. Only then made ​​pits in accordance with wishes. Usually the size of 60x60x60 cm. The planting hole should be left for about 4 weeks to get exposed to sunlight. 
  10. If the soil is too acidic, do calcification. 
  11. After quite 4 weeks, develop a planting hole using manure, soil, sand. As for the comparison that is 2:1:1. 

Planting techniques 
After the above step by step is completed, start determining patterns of plants. As a monoculture of plants, spacing the vines should be considered carefully. This distance should be trailing in the wind tug. Spacing can be adjusted in accordance with the wishes of farmers. Here spacing units commonly used: 
3 x 3 m to 1 Ha = 1,111 trees 
3 x 4 m to 1 ha = 833 trees 
3 x 5 m to 1 ha = 666 trees 
4 x 4 m to 1 ha = 625 trees 
4 x 5 m to 1 ha = 500 trees 
4 x 6 m to 1 ha = 416 trees 

Next up is a way of planting seeds. The best time is during the dry season is underway ie June to July. Each grape plants require at least 20 square meters including para-para. What is the loft? Medium that is prepared as a creeping vines. 

Step Maintenance 
  1. Once planted, it does not mean the problem is solved. For maximum yields, the vines must be maintained properly. 
  2. Stitching. This step is carried out when there is a dead seedling cuttings. The controlling is done at the time of watering done. If there are dead, immediately replace it with a new one. 
  3. Thinning. This process is done after fruiting plants. Why thinned? For pieces that are too tight will damage the fruit development and also reduce levels of quality. This thinning is done on the stems of plants oanjang, less than perfect shape, the fruit is on the inside so that the plants are not exposed to the sun and the fruit is formed outside of the persarian. 
  4. Weeding. This step is done so that other plants do not interfere with the vines. 
  5. Perempalan. This process is carried out with the aim to improve the growth of vines. You do this by removing unnecessary shoots and letting only one bud is considered the most good. 
  6. Fertilization. This step is very important and is done in two stages ie when plants aged 0 to 1 years old and at the age of 1 year and above. The dose used varies according to the age of the plant. 
  7. Watering is also watering. This step must be done carefully because if not, the plants can be disrupted even damaged. Keep no stagnant water. Irrigation started when pruning fruit grown up. Towards the trimming process, watering should be stopped. And after the process is completed, can be done again. The supply of water is done by ripe grapes. 
  8. Spraying pesticides. This step is taken to prevent pests that can damage the grapes. Ideally performed spray 15 days before harvesting. 
  9. Combating pests and diseases. This is noteworthy because if not, your harvest will be disrupted and diminished quality. 
  10. Harvesting process. The age of the plants that can be harvested fruit is in the range 90 to 100 days. But when it is grown in the highland regions including, panenlah at age 105 to 110 days. Note also the fruit to be harvested, if the color has been uneven, and quickly learned. The harvesting process is done in the morning when the weather is sunny. The results put in a basket of fruit and grapes should not be stacked so as not to break. 

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