This blog contain about the benefits of eating fruit which is accompanied by an explanation of the contain that is contained in these fruit.

How to Make A Fruit Salad

How to Make A Fruit Salad

One's diet affects the quality of life, why do I say, because if we are good at regulating our diet then we will also be able to maintain health. One of the healthy foods and provide many benefits for our body is the fruit salad, in this article I will discuss about how to make a fruit salad

Currently the market has been frequently encountered or even you too often consume fast food or often called Junk Food. For some fast food is the only food that practically no need to receive treatment, but did you know that fast foods contain toxins that can kill you slowly. Fast food contains more cholesterol than the vitamins that are useful for our body. 

How to Make A Fruit Salad

One type of food that is again the trend and has many benefits for our bodies is a fruit salad, fruit salad usually consists of various kinds of fruit and cheese plus mayonis. As I've discussed in previous articles about the benefits of various types of fruit, fruit contains vitamins and minerals needed for the body like apples are rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps to protect the body from exposure to a pathogen-free from outside. 

If you have difficulty to make a fruit salad then here I will give you tips on how to make the fruit salad
Prepare the salad the main ingredient to make various kinds according to your tastes for example apples, mangoes, grapes, fruit strobery 
You can also add pieces of lettuce if you want.
For the sauce ingredients you can prepare 150 ml bottles of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons cheese, 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel 1/2 tsp. 
The first step you should do is cut into small pieces or according to your taste all the main ingredients. 
Mix all the main ingredients then stir well and store in the refrigerator until cold. 
To make the sauce mix all the ingredients except grated cheese sauce. 
Then mix the sauce was finished with the main ingredients that have been cool then stir until smooth then put grated cheese on top. 
Serve fruit salad ready to be enjoyed.

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