This blog contain about the benefits of eating fruit which is accompanied by an explanation of the contain that is contained in these fruit.

Benefits of Eating Beligo Fruit

Benefits of Eating Beligo Fruit

The gourd or beligo fruit as the fruit can be eaten and it is considered a vegetable. This fruit surface feels smooth and fluffy while still raw, when ripe fruit is losing his fur and softened, and can last a long time. Some round fruit shape and there are elongated and can reach two meters, although usually sold as a length and a half to one meter. This fruit was originally cultivated in Southeast Asia, but now also grown in East and South Asia.

Benefits of Eating Beligo Fruit

Gourd fruit is actually a seasonal fruit, but the fruit can survive in a long time.

Benefits of eating gourd or Beligo fruit

Benefits of eating gourd fruit and fruit nutrient content gourd, among others:
  1. Water is the main constituent component beligo. Water is a nutrient component that does not contribute energy. but its existence is required by the body. Approximately 75% of our body is composed of water. Because of this, the body needs water in large quantities. Water in the body is useful to maintain body temperature, when the body is dehydrated, the body will dehydrate and we will limp.
  2. The outer shell or outer layer of gourd fruit is usually used as an ingredient for the manufacture of candles.
  3. Ash gourd fruit seeds can be used to treat diseases gonorhe.
  4. Philippine Society for cooking fresh gourd fruit syrup and ubat used for respiratory problems and lung. Water gourd is also found as an eye wash material is red and swollen.
  5. Beligo is a vegetable that is low in calories. Energy donated 130 grams of fresh beligo only by 13 kcal. For those of you who are low-calorie diet. try eating beligo.

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