This blog contain about the benefits of eating fruit which is accompanied by an explanation of the contain that is contained in these fruit.

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit

Talok fruit is a kind of small fruit trees at once sweet and bright red. In some areas, such as Jakarta, is also named cherry fruit while in the area of ​​East Java lumajang usually called baleci. Talok or cherry fruit favored especially by children, birds and Flying-Fox. In the school, children often climb the tree and left traces in the form of a twig that had fracture and peeling bark. The fruit can also be used as jam.  In Mexico, talok fruit sold in the market. Talok tree in Indonesia easily found. Usually used as a shade tree for a pedicab driver in Indonesia. 

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit

Talok or cherry fruit is very useful and contains more when compared with various isotonic solution that is now being circulated in the market. In terms of nutritional content of fruit cherry is not inferior to that of other fruits like mango. The content of vitamin C 30 mg mango, talok fruit while on 80, 5 mg, in addition to the calcium content of 124.6 mg of cherry fruit.

Talok tiny pieces proved to have great benefits in terms of health. besides being sweet, this fruit is also easy to be encountered in the area around us. because the fruit is also easy to grow anywhere. 

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit include:

  1. The content of vitamin C in Talok fruit can increase endurance and can enhance the body's metabolism. 
  2. Talok fruit contains vitamin A beta-carotene which is high which serves to enhance the immune system and is useful for vision and skin. 
  3. Talok fruit can prevent uric acid and can relieve pain caused by gout. 
  4. A research states that cholesterol levels can diturunksn by consuming flowers of fruit Talok. 
  5. In the leaves of fruit the country peru Talok already commonly used to treat inflammation and headaches. 
  6. Talok fruit easily grow anywhere, so do not be surprised also we can see the Talok fruit anywhere.

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