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Gardening Strawberries in Pots

Gardening Strawberries in Pots

Planting strawberries should not be done on a large area, but it could be in narrow land using polybags or pots. Strawberry cultivation in pots, not only used as a means of channeling a hobby, but it can be developed on a commercial scale, of course with the knowledge and willingness. For that we need to know about the requirements of strawberry cultivation. 

Gardening Strawberries in Pots

Terms Growing 

Strawberry plants have a fairly broad adaptability to climatic conditions as follows: 

1 The temperature optimum 17? 20 C and minimum air temperatures between 4? 5 C. 
2 humidity (RH) 80? 90%. 
3 sun irradiation 8? 10 hours / day. 
4 Rainfall ranges between 600? 700 mm / year. 

Preparing Planting Containers or place 

Container or planting a commonly used is the pot. Pot has many types and variations of shape. The important thing to consider in the selection size pots are balanced and in harmony with the size of the plant. In addition, the pot should be sufficient to accommodate the growing media of plant roots to grow freely. 

The ideal size is the diameter of 7 cm pots? 20 cm and given a ketch-small hole in the bottom. In addition to the pot, we can also use a plastic bag (polybag) are widely available in stores agricultural tool with a variety of sizes. 

Preparation of Medium and Planting 

Composition of the embedding medium used is: 

a. Mixture of soil under pine trees, topsoil, leucaena leaves and manure in the ratio of 2: 1: 1. 

b. Mixture of topsoil, sand and humus with a ratio of 1: 1: 1. 

c. Mixture of soil, sand, humus and manure in the ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. 

d. Mixture of soil, sand and manure in the ratio of 1: 1: 2. 

Planting Medium Charging Into The Pot 

Charging ways of planting medium in pots or plant containers are: 

a. Prepare tools and materials, consisting of a pot (container planting), the red brick fragments (precarious), yells (emrat), planting medium, as well as other supporting facilities. 

b. Place a layer of red brick fragments (critical) to the bottom of the pot. 

c. Enter the planting medium in pots until almost full. 

d. Flush the planting medium in the pot with water until the state of the medium is quite wet. 

Preparation and Planting Seeds 

The procedure for planting strawberry plants in pots are as follows: 

a) plant seeds planting medium Flush with clean water until the situation is quite wet. 

b) Remove the seeds complete with roots and planting medium by means of tearing (cutting) polybag. 

c) Make the planting hole by digging in pots (take) part planting medium. 

d) Plant the right seeds in the center of the pot in an upright position, then piled the base of the plant stem while planting medium solidified slowly. 

e) Flush the planting medium in pots with clean water until the state of the medium is quite wet (humid). 

f) Keep the pot in the shade and moist for 7? 15 days to return the fresh plant. 

Plant maintenance 

a. placement pot 
Placement pot should pay attention to the condition of an ideal growing environment and in harmony with the surrounding circumstances. And that is more important that the plants must get enough sunlight for photosynthesis. 

b. watering 
Watering is done 2 times a day during the dry season, the morning and afternoon. This is to keep the media moisture, nutrients in the soil that can be absorbed by the roots to the fullest. 

c. Weeding and tilling the embedding medium 
Weeds that grow on the surface of the pot should be immediately repealed, it is to avoid competing for nutrients in the soil and also minimize terserangnya pests that nest in the weeds. 

d. fertilization 
A week after planting, fertilizing should be done. The type and dose of fertilizer consisting of urea 2 teaspoons + TSP + KCL half a teaspoon of half a teaspoon per pot. Fertilization is then performed when the plant aged 1? 2 months after planting with half a teaspoon of Urea + TSP + KCL 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon per pot. 

e. trimming 
Prune the leaves are dry or damaged. Plants that are too dense leaves should also be trimmed. This is to stimulate fertilization. 

f. Replacement pot and planting medium (repotting) 
Replacement pots is done when the planting medium in pots has been solid, the roots have started to surface of the pot and plant growth has started to slow down flowering or fruiting even. 

g. plant protection 
Protection of plants which includes the use of healthy seeds, planting medium sterilization, trimming the plants attacked by pests and diseases, spraying pesticides selectively as recommended. 


Plants of stolon and tiller starts flowering at the age of 2 months after planting, but the first flowers should be discarded. After a 4-month-old plants were allowed to grow into a fruit flower, flowering and fruiting period can last for 2 years. 

The characteristics of the fruit that is harvested can already: 

1. pieces are a little chewy and a bit soft; 
2. predominantly red rind 50 -75% red color; 
3 pieces since the age of 2 weeks of flowering. 

In order not rotten strawberries should be given so that the base does not touch the ground directly. To obtain large fruit can be done by cutting some fruit on the plant will be. 

Strawberry planting in the lowlands 

Above conditions are not absolute fact, my (blog admin've tried themselves to cultivate strawberry in my part of the actual environmental conditions less suitable for berbudidaya strawberry. 

At first I just try to buy strawberry seeds 1 pot before Ramadan in 2007 at the time when I travel and streets in the ornamental plant market Bandungan Semarang district. The area is located on a mountainside Bandungan Unggaran the air cool and I estimate its altitude of about 800 m from the sea level. 

At first I was skeptical of what may this strawberry plants can survive in the area where I live? Even my friend had said that the plants that I bought in a moment of time will die. The city where I live is the city Cepu has a height of approximately 30 meters of sea level (I know this is based on the signpost at the height of the Cepu station +28 m) and my house is located not far from the station. Temperatures ranged from 25 degrees to 33 degrees Celsius. rainfall less than 500 mm / year. Many people have told me that the city Cepu sultry, perhaps as hot as the other major cities on the island of Java. 

The strawberry plants I care for the land next to the house is quite narrow and receive direct sunlight about 6? 8 hours a day, this plant was indeed not strong enough to withstand the heat. Many of the leaves are dried, then I tried to spray the leaves with a sprayer filled with cold water in the morning and early afternoon and late in the afternoon. This method is to help reduce the amount of dried leaves and I also water the plants this morning and afternoon. 

I began to grow strawberry plants with tendrils stolon emergence of plants, from the end of these tendrils will grow new strawberry plants and roots. The tip is what can be accommodated in the new pot, after the new plants have 4-5 leaves of the vine that connected with indukannya can be cut. 

Media using the earnings I made from a mixture of garden soil and a little manure. I use a pot that small? Sizes 17 to 20 '. One pot contains between 1 to 3 plants. This new plants I got from the parent plant stolon panhandle. 

After a year I was waiting for my strawberry garden finally started to bear fruit, from about 30 pot, 3 pots of them for sure there are flowering later turned into fruit. Almost about 4 days I can pluck the ripe fruit (marked in dark red fruit) from one pot to 1-2 ripe strawberries. 

I can enjoy the fruits of my garden strawberry narrow it for 3 full months from the month of september? November 2008 In December 2008 my garden did not produce fruit. I estimate that in the months to bear fruit is strawberry season. 

I actually do not know for sure what type and species of strawberry plants that I care for them. characteristics of strawberry plants that I have is in terms of the size of the fruit is, have a sense that is not too sharp, not too sweet.

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