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The Facts About Benefits of Banana peel

The Facts About Benefits of Banana peel

Who does not know a banana? This bright yellow fruit has a distinctive taste and can block the stomach special because healthy carbohydrate rich. Banana is one fruit that is easily found everywhere. Indonesia is a tropical country and is one of the banana crop that thrives in the tropics. Due to abundant, bananas sold at affordable price. Efficacy of bananas not only as a source of carbohydrate but also a source of vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. Reportedly, the consumption of 1 banana a day will keep you from a heart attack! Bananas is special! Not only the meat alone, it turns banana peel was no less amazing. If you've just regard them as rubbish, from now on you should think again. Because the benefits of banana peel is quite diverse and has been clinically tested. Do not believe? The following description. 

Content of Banana peel 

Before dissecting the benefits of banana peel, it could not hurt to understand what compounds were present in the peel that are often considered waste. In general, a banana peel contains a lot of carbohydrates, water, vitamin C, potassium, lutein, anti-oxidants, calcium, B vitamins, fat, protein, various vitamins B complex including vitamins B6, vegetable oils, fibers, serotonin and many others . All components of this compound has a variety of properties that are good for the body. Not only that, kupit bananas also it can be a source of alternative energy! Wow! 

Unravel the Benefits of Banana peel 

Observing the active substance which is quite complex, it is very natural that a banana peel then also have a variety of benefits. Here are some benefits of banana peel quoted from various sources: 
  1. As a mood enhancer. Did you know that the banana peel is rich in serotonin substances. This substance is responsible for the feeling of happiness in the human body. And by regularly consuming a banana peel, will help you be more relaxed and a portion of course. Overseas, smooties always mixed with banana peels. While in Indonesia, banana smoothies only form of meat and mashed banana.
  2. As a pain reliever. Banana peel contains a number of vegetable oils are also some very good sneyawa dampen pain. Quite easy, tenpekan banana peel that has been cleaned and is still in a fresh state on the part of your body that is experiencing pain as a burning or sharp objects scratch. 
  3. Overcoming itching. If you often feel the itching caused by insect bites and ants, use a banana peel. Just paste on the surface of the peel that itches. 
  4. Warts expel bullies. Warts is usually small, but still annoying. This can be solved with a banana peel. do I just attach the banana peel to the wart, then hold down the paste with plaster and let it as long as possible. Do this until the wart stop growing and disappear completely from the peel. 
  5. Accelerate wound healing. And apunya If the wound covered with a layer of peel that has been blackened and looks disturbing, simply attach the banana peel to the black layer immediately disappear without a trace. 
  6. Eliminate headaches. The trick, simply puree a banana peel and stick on the head like a compress. In some time, your headache will disappear. 
  7. Eliminate acne. Same way as the others. Quite attached. It could also be mashed and then made ​​like a mask. Use at night. 
  8. As an alternative energy source. Recent research proves banana peel contains power that can be battery power stone. 
  9. As livestock feed. These benefits are well known, of course. 
  10. Fertilize the soil. He can act as compost. The trick, just put in the ground that you want Sehatkan. 
  11. Substitute shoe polish. is easy enough, peel bananas and use them to your shoe leather. 
  12. As a water purifier and oil. The best banana peel is a type of bananas gold. The trick, just fill in water and oil well to be clarified. 

After knowing the benefits of a banana peel, still sanggupkah you throw a banana peel?

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