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How to Make Acid Candy

How to Make Acid Candy

Remember, when you as a child, you often consumes candy or you may even whine to your parents to buy candy. Sour candy is a hawker who used to be very popular and it's very unique, do you know how to make sour candy????. 

How to Make Acid Candy 

Sour candy is candy made from fruit acids and has a sour taste, but of course there is a bit of sweetness. As I've discussed in previous articles that sour fruit itself has a lot of benefits both in terms of non-health in terms of health too. Usually each parents forbid their children to consume sweets because it will damage the teeth so that the email will arise dental caries. Actually the cause of dental caries in itself is not because the food we eat, but how can we can maintain and care for our teeth. 

How to Make Acid Candy

As I've discussed in previous articles that sour fruit has many benefits for health and non-health. Sour candy itself is starting rare to find in the market because it has been displaced by the candy factory production ang certainly be able to attract the attention of children and adults. 

Back to the main topic of how to make acid candy, the main ingredient to make sour candy sour fruit itself certainly is. Fruit acids you can easily meet or perhaps even your home kitchen garden plant. The materials should be prepared among others: 
a. 250 gr sour fruit 
b. 500 gr tapioca flour 
c. 350 grams of brown sugar which has been refined 
d. ginger to taste 
e. and the last is sugar 

How to make acid candy is based on the following steps: 
1. Way the first thing you should do is certainly separate the sour fruit with skin. Remove the seeds and then take the meat its acid and water mix with approximately one cup and then filtered.

2. Having separate all the meat pieces, mix brown sugar that has been crushed, ginger with approximately one cup of water and then boiled until dissolved and boil.

3. Feedback acid solution into the sugar mixture over and stir until evenly and let it boil for a while in order

4. Upon dough over boiling then input tapioca flour little by little but first reduce heat and stir the batter until well blended.

5. Remove and let it cool down first, then the newly formed roundly small then prepare granulated sugar in a bowl, then roll the dough-roll all sour candy that has been formed in the sugar, until the entire surface covered in sour sugar candy . 

6. Then if it can be packaged in plastic or can also be inserted into a jar and ready to eat.

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